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Remote Control Helicopters

Monthly Special - Syma S107

Welcome to BadBoyz, we aim to become your first choice for radio controlled models and especially radio controlled helicopters. We have a large and growing selection of RC products for you to choose from yet we insist on only selling products and especially remote control helicopters that have passed the “BadBoyz Fun Test”!

Because we ourselves love remote control helicopters and RC flight in general, we make sure that before offering any models to the general public that we personally have a play with a sample of the model. If we believe that the manufacturer is aiming their product at the beginner or even first-time pilot them we tailor our testing to ensure that the model is relatively easy to control and not something that will drive the learner aeroplane pilot or remote control helicopter controller to a state of utter frustration and anger. Just as important as the controllability of the radio controlled helicopter is the amount of fun that can be had from flying it indoors. We all remember the excitement of the first time we got our hands on a small indoor infrared helicopter and the thrill we enjoyed on its maiden flight across the kitchen from the toaster to the top of the fridge. We want your first experiences of remote controlled flight to be just as memorable.

Practicality is an important yet often overlooked aspect of your first remote controlled helicopter. If it takes an hour to charge up and you only get 30 seconds of flight then we believe this is no good. While there is always a compromise between charge time and flight time, we check that our models use an effective battery technology and always make a point of specifying the type of battery and battery charger that is included with the model.

At the other end of the remote control helicopter and aeroplane spectrum, we also cater for the more professional and hobbyist RC pilots. If you are the kind of man (or woman, or child) who knows his LiPo from his NiCad and his elevator from his aileron then we are happy to be able to supply you with faster and more powerful models, albeit with the understanding that you are competent enough to fly your new RC aeroplane or helicopter with the confidence that you will not send it plummeting to the ground with a dull thud.

As you have probably already gathered, we are very fond of remote control helicopters and believe that in years to come, the lower cost "toy" remote control helicopters will become immensely popular with children, like a 21st century Rubik's Cube. This is why we always aim to be at the forefront, dispensing remote control helicopter knowledge and helping to spread the word, BadBoyz style!

Please take a while to browse through our selection of remote control helicopters, read some reviews and watch some customer and in-house videos. If you have any queries then just drop us a line, we are always happy to help.