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Micro Helicopters

Micro helicopters- Unleash the pilot within you!

Most of us are confused between a mini helicopter and a micro helicopter. A micro helicopter is a phrase used to define a small sized remote controlled helicopter. In the recent times, there have been some phenomenal developments in the field of battery technology and micro-electronics. This has made possible for manufacturers of toy helicopters to come up with compact and light-weight models of toy helicopters. These micro helicopters are so small in size that they can easily fit in our hands. The materials used in the production of these micro helicopters are also non-toxic. Micro helicopters are made out of highly durable plastic foam which is extremely light in weight.

The earlier micro helicopters were such that you needed some amount of experience to operate them. However, with the advances in technology, their functioning has become simpler like never before. The latest models of micro helicopters are made in such a way that you do not have to have any experience or any sort of training in operating these flying machines. The latest versions of micro helicopters can be operated with an easy to use remote control so you will get used to the device in no time once you start using it. You will start to enjoy the thrill of flying the micro helicopter without much difficulty.

When it comes to operating micro helicopters, you do not have to arrange for many things. It requires least amount of set-up. In short, they are all ready to use once you remove them from their box. Micro helicopters are designed to be flown indoors rather than outdoors. They are a great source of fun when you are just chilling out at your home with kids or when you cannot think of anything to do in your free time at the office.

If you are wondering about the strength and the durability of micro helicopters, then a good thing to know is that they are made to be extremely tough. Expanded polypropylene foam is used to make micro helicopters. This is one material which is considered to be most shock resistant. Even if your micro helicopter crashes in the living room and falls on the ground, there is no chance of it breaking down in pieces and getting damaged. Not just once, these micro helicopters are designed to easily sustain a number of crash landings without even a mark of injury being developed on them. It has high tech features like an auto-stability system which makes the chopper extremely easy to manoeuvre. You are not required to have any sort of practice or training while flying it indoors or even when you are flying it outdoors in normal weather conditions.

You will be surprised to know that the latest models of micro helicopters easily fit in your hand. This is because they only measure six inches lengthwise and weigh as low as a meagre 10 grams, which is like feather weight. These micro helicopters come with advanced designs and they can fly perfectly without any glitches even in the smallest of all spaces. As it is extremely light weight, it will not cause any damage to any household delicate items and all your valuable items and antique pieces will remain completely safe even if there is collision incident. Thus, micro helicopters are safe to be flied even in the smallest of the living room or the bedroom.

Modern versions of micro helicopters use the two-channel infra-red control system. Along with this, the fitted batteries are designed to give a hovering time of minimum ten minutes after every recharge. A single recharge cycle takes around 30 minutes when the portable charger is used. With the micro helicopters, you can easily take off in the air, hover in a single spot for a good amount of time, turn towards right or left in a controlled manner and also land safe on the floor within few minutes of taking off without any untoward incident.

As soon you take the micro helicopter out the box, it is all ready to take flight and you do not have to adjust anything or set up an arrangement. Some of the advanced models of micro helicopters also come with fitted small blue LED lights that that give a good flash while the micro helicopter is in flying mode. So, if you are thinking of doing some fancy night flying, you can turn on the flash lights and enjoy the experience in the dark.

Once you start using the micro helicopter, you are sure to not let it go soon. The micro helicopter is a highly addictive flying device and it will keep you hooked, no matter what. You can keep flying it around in your home or plan out some extremely adventurous or dangerous missions in your office colleague’s cabins.

Once you start flying the mini helicopter, you will feel time too is flying along with the mini chopper and it will be an hour or two of flying before even you realise. However, do not make it a habit to take your micro helicopter to the office everyday as this might make all your colleagues budding pilots instead of doing their regular. So exciting is the device that everyone will start waiting in line for their turn to arrive to get control of your micro helicopter. Some brands of micro helicopters come in multiple channels like A,B and C. That means you can fly up to three micro helicopters at once. With such an interesting feature, you surely would not want to miss out on the racing matches or the dog fighting competitions that can be held in the air.

Most present day micro helicopters come with one or two kinds of remote control units. If you are looking for a brand new micro helicopter in the market for the first time, it is very important that you understand the disparities between the different types of micro helicopters. This will ensure you make a right purchase and do not end up with one which you did not intend to have. When you are looking for micro helicopters, there are a few features that you must pay attention to whether they are present in the flying device. Some of these features are Trim Adjustment, Frequency Selector switches, built-in charging systems and an ergonomic design.