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Double Horse 9053 Volitation Helicopter (DH 9053)


It seems that in the past 6 months, the Double Horse 9053 Volitation has really taken off (excuse the pun) in the UK and it's not uncommon to see them being flown in parks and fields on nice days.

The DH 9053 Volitation is manufactured by a Chinese toy company called Double Horse Toys although it is often mistakenly referred to as being made by a competitor of Double Horse called Syma Toys so is very often called the Syma 9053 although this is clearly incorrect.

The DH 9053 is a 3.5 channel radio controlled helicopter, complete with Gyro system that we have found to be very easy to control. Like with all helicopters, and especially these slightly larger models, it really pays to do the test flight in a large open space, particularly if you are very new to flying RC helicopters.

The DH 9053 is approximately 72 cm (28 inches) in length and has a flying time of around 10 minutes based on a 100 minute charge cycle. The 9053 comes complete with a 7.4v Lithium Polymer battery and battery charger for increased flying time and power.

The manufacturer quotes the range of the DH 9053 Volitation to be approximately 30 meters however in testing we have taken it directly upwards much higher than this on a clear and low-wind day and have experienced no reduction in controllability or signal reception. Because the DH 9053 is a radio controlled helicopter rather than Infra-red, the range of the signal is excellent as it is generally accepted that radio signals are able to travel further than Infra-red signals and do not suffer the same interference caused by sunlight and physical obstructions.

The Double Horse 9053 Volitation is constructed based on a lightweight metal frame and uses impact resistant blades in an effort to minimize any damage that might normally occur when an RC helicopter crashes.

The 9053 arrives ready assembled with its 3 motors (2 main rotor motors + 1 tail motor) already installed and tested, you just need to charge the LiPo battery that is included in the helicopter and then install some standard AA (available separately) batteries into the radio controller. Away you go, and happy flying with your new RC helicopter.

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