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Syma S031G


The Syma S031G is a nice Gyro helicopter, similar in appearance to the small S107G. The S031G is controlled using a more traditional radio control system rather than an infrared controller as is used on many indoor helicopters.
The main benefit of the helicopter being radio controlled is that it is easier to fly outdoors as the radio signal is not interfered with by sunlight as an infrared signal would be.
The Syma S031 helicopter is a three channel model meaning that its controls are
1) Up and down
2) Forward and backwards
3) Left and right.

This model comes complete with a very capable Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery that during our tests provides enough power for a constant flight of about 6-10 minutes on a 1-hour charge.

Due to the size of the S031 (approximately 2 feet in length), many consider that the helicopter is geared more towards outdoor flying rather than indoor but providing you have enough indoor space, it can really handle both. During our tests, we tried the S031 outdoors a couple of times under different weather conditions and we found that it flies beautifully on a fairly still day. On a particularly windy afternoon, we felt that this helicopter was not really suited to these conditions. Although it will hover around in the wind, it is much trickier to control and wouldn't be something an amateur helicopter pilot should attempt.
As with all of the Syma helicopters, the S031 is of an excellent build quality with many of the parts being made of metal. The weight and feel of this model are very reassuring and its size makes it all the more exciting to fly.

Manufacturer Specifications

Key Features

- Vernier adjustment knob.
- Double protection.
- Flash light.
- Indoor flight.
- Full 3D function.
- Built-in GYRO.


3 channel radio control helicopter with GYRO.

Product Specifications

- Item No.: S031G
- Product Feature: Up/down, left/right, forward/backward
- Battery: 9.6V 800Mah Li-poly
- Charging time: About 60-70 minutes
- Flying time: About 6-8 minutes
- Controlling distance: About 50 meters
- Battery for controller: 4xAA batteries(not included)
- Product Size: 61.5 X 22.5 X 9.5 cm
- Box Size: 69.5 X 29 X 14.5 cm
- Frequency: 27/40 Mhz
- Test report: CE ROHS FCC ASTM

Syma S031G Instruction Manual

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