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Syma S032 / Syma S032G RC Helicopter


When we first tried the Syma S032 it reminded us a lot of the smaller Syma S107 helicopter. Obviously being from the same manufacturer, a lot of inspiration has been drawn from the ever popular Syma S107 and S107G when designing this larger Syma S032 model. The Syma S032 helicopter and the Syma S032G are really well designed, complete with a metal alloy body to reduce the effect of any impacts they might suffer in the early days of their use. Syma boast that the S032 has what they refer to as a new and advanced intelligent balancing and handling system and this seems to be the case when you see how well the model flies and how easy it is to control even for the novice RC Helicopter pilot.

The 3 channel Syma S032 has electronic fine tuning on the controls and may be trimmed to allow for an excellent response to all movement requests. The S032 has the ability to travel left, right, forward, backwards, up and down yet also has the ability to hover in a fixed position which is always fun when enjoying a little indoor flying with your latest toy. The Syma S032 comes complete with a LiPo/Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery that enables the helicopter to fly for approximately 12 minutes from a 60 minute charge cycle. The helicopter connects to a separate mains charger rather than the remote controller (which is powered by standard 1.5v AA size batteries) in order to recharge, we feel this is a step forward as it can quickly become frustrating and expensive to constantly replace the AA batteries in the controllers of some of the other models that recharge by connecting the helicopter to the controller.

A feature of the S032 that we really love is actually found on the controller itself. There is a special button that allows you to switch between standard (novice) mode and advanced mode. When you are familiar with the helicopter and have gained some confidence in the helicopter and yourself, it really is fantastic fun to switch to advanced mode and enjoy the increased speed and additional manoeuvrability that come with that. We donít like to blow our own trumpets but after just a few minutes we felt happy enough to activate the S032ís advanced mode and it really does make a great difference.

The LED lights on this Syma S032 are quite a nice touch and when we took it out for a spot of dusk/night flying on a still evening in the summer, it gave it an added sense of realism and although small, the lights are very bright and stand out very well. If you arenít sure whether or not the Syma S032 is for you then all we can say is that it probably is so why not buy it? At this price you canít go wrong.

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